Sonoma Valley Hospital
Sonoma CA

"Rob Feldman of Corona Consulting LLC is an innovative leader in healthcare finance. He excels at contracting, physician relations, and board presentations. His expertise and positivity was a catalyst in the turn-around at Sonoma Valley Hospital" — Kelly Mather, President and CEO

"Rob Feldman and Corona Consulting LLC brought a wealth of talents to Sonoma Valley Hospital. Not only is he an exceptional transactional CFO, he also has a broad understanding of health care delivery as it pertains to payers, professional contracts as well as the delivery of patient care by physicians. He acted as the administrative representative to the operating room, was instrumental in our new building project as an owner representative, and led the team that began our implementation of an Electronic Health Record. He acted as the lead negotiator for our affiliation with Marin General Hospital and our membership in PRIMA Medical Foundation. I worked with Rob on a daily basis. If you are thinking of engaging Rob for your organization “sign him up and don’t look back". — Robert Cohen, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Medical Information Officer

Pacific Gynecologic Specialist
Burbank/Pasadena/Bakersfield/Santa Clarita CA

"Recently, our gynecologic oncology practice needed to navigate some important business challenges. We needed to form our physician group, its legal structure, and all our business processes. Corona Consulting has helped with key issues such as managed care contracting, IPA negotiations, and hospital relations. Working with our billing service, they have helped with our revenue development. Their efforts and expertise have contributed significantly to our present success and stability. I would recommend the services of Corona Consulting". — Richard Friedman, MD, PhD, Executive Partner

Northern California Anesthesia Associates
Fremont and Mountain View CA

"As an anesthesia group practice, Northern California Anesthesia Associates has faced significant challenges and growth opportunities. Recently we switched our hospital affiliation, which catalyzed a number of key decisions and actions. Corona Consulting LLC was instrumental in helping us with payor negotiations, hospital relations, and group management. They have helped us to become a leading anesthesia group in our service area. We encourage other medical groups work with Corona Consulting LLC". — NCAA Management Committee

California Oncology of the Central Valley
Fresno CA

"We started California Oncology of the Central Valley several years ago, and encountered numerous issues along the way. Corona Consulting LLC helped with payor contracts, hospital projects, development of a joint venture for radiation oncology, physician recruitment, and many other areas. They have added a lot of value and service, and I recommend them highly". — Christopher Perkins MD, Founder

Desert Orthopedics
Bend Oregon

"Desert Orthopedics had a vacancy in the CEO/Administrator position, and we were facing some important strategic and financial issues at the time. We needed a person who could not only maintain our current operations, but also help with future planning and problem solving. Rob Feldman came to us as interim executive director for six months, along with another consultant in a team role. Together they addressed practice finances, staff development, operations, governance and strategic planning. Rob worked closely with our physicians and partner board, and we saw important progress during that time. I would recommend him to other medical practices in need of executive management services". — Pat Hansen, CEO

FSC Health, Inc.
Fresno CA

"FSC Health, Inc. has been a leading innovator of physician owned surgical hospitals including Fresno Surgery Center and Thousand Oaks Surgical Hospital, both of which were recently sold to a specialty hospital management company. Corona Consulting LLC had a key role in negotiating managed care contracts for both our hospitals and also our affiliated endoscopy center. Our unique case mix called for a systematic and strategic approach to pricing and reimbursement. Corona Consulting LLC developed methodologies and analysis that were specific to our goals, and completed many challenging negotiations with payors to get those strategies implemented. Our hallmark has been quality care that is patient centered. Corona was successful in getting that factored into rate negotiations, including support for our prestigious designation as a center of excellence for bariatric surgery for Blue Cross of California". — Alan Pierrot MD, CEO

Feedback from Seminar at Hospital Consortium of San Mateo County

Excerpts from audience evaluation "great presentation". "More time for 1st speaker - He has a lot to share!" "You actually received a 6 on a scale of 1to 5" "The most informative, comprehensive class on reform I have been to"

Excerpt from letter from CEO of a Medical Center to physician group

"Rob Feldman was particularly instrumental in facilitating good communication and relationships that engendered good will and trust".