American Red Cross

Corona Consulting LLC has been a long-time supporter of the American Red Cross.  Rob Feldman, our President, has served in the following Board positions:

  • Board Member-Blood Services, Northern California Region, 1997 to 2008 (Served as Board Chairman for 5 years)
  • Board Member, Pacific Service Area, 2004 to 2008 (Served as Board Chairman for 2 years)

Annals of Internal Medicine

Annals of Internal Medicine published a series of communications related to modernization of the physicians' oath. See our published submission to this prestigious journal.
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Ceres Community Project

Ceres "supports individuals dealing with serious illness with free, delivered and nutrient-rich prepared meals, nutrition education, and a community of caring." We are big fans of the way they link patients, food and community.

School Health Clinics of Santa Clara County

School Health Clinics of Santa Clara County keeps kids healthy and in school by providing high quality, easily accessible primary medical care and preventative health services to low-income children and adolescents. We think they are also a shining example of how to deliver a lot of quality health care with exemplary efficiency. We have been pleased to work with and support them.