About Us

Since 1992, Corona Consulting LLC has provided financial and operational advisory services to health care organizations. Our clients experience improved financial performance, growth in market share, and operational excellence.

We are a "boutique" consulting firm, representing recognized industry leaders and innovators. Our clients achieve business success, brand awareness, and market leadership. Clients include hospitals, medical groups, ambulatory facilities, and drug/device manufacturers.

Our services employ a combination of quantitative market assessment, managed care strategies, financial systems "tune-up", and team training.

We like to work with the best in the business. In that light, we frequently collaborate with organizations and people that can maximize successful outcomes for clients:

Robert Feldman, CEO: Corona Consulting, LLC

- Education / Experience

Robert Feldman has been the CEO of Corona Consulting LLC since 1992, providing strategic consulting services to medical groups, hospitals, health plans, and medical device firms. Rob has led financial turnarounds for hospitals and clinics, and has developed hundreds of managed care agreements. In this capacity, Rob has served as interim CEO and CFO for hospitals and medical groups, and coached teams to high performance levels.

Prior to establishing Corona Consulting LLC, Rob has held Senior management roles at San Jose Medical Group, Cupertino Medical Center, Innovative Cost Management Services, O'Connor Health Services, and Ernst & Young.

Dana Sutherland Feldman, Project Manager: Corona Consulting, LLC

Dana Sutherland Feldman manages complex and data driven projects for Corona Consulting LLC Dana has an emphasis on project implementation and focuses on timeline management, complex credentialing and licensing for providers, and negotiates agreements for patient care.

Prior to joining Corona Consulting LLC, Dana has held senior project management roles at Adobe Systems, Telebit Corporation, and TFB Public Relations.

Our Partner Organizations

  • PIR Healthcare
    Steve Rallison, uses proven Deming quality management techniques coupled with tremendous knowledge of healthcare organizations. We work with Steve on governance, strategic, and physician employment projects.

  • Hudson Medical Services
    Dana Jorgensen is remarkably at medical billing, IT for revenue cycle management, and resolving complex revenue cycle issues. Working together, we have had great results in improving cash flow for clients.

  • HealthCare Consulting
    Kate O'Connor is a master at clinic operations, process improvement, and staff training. We work with Kate to take medical clinics to a higher level of function, implement IT solutions, and transform financial/operational plans into results.