Case Studies

Sonoma Valley Hospital

Robert Feldman, President of Corona Consulting LLC served in the key role of CFO of Sonoma Valley Hospital as SVH was undergoing a critical finacical turn-around. As a district hospital, the goal was to develop innovative programs and initiatives while maintaining a high level of transparency. Several programs were aggressively implemented, that combined to produce an effective financial turnaround for the hospital:

  • Developed a revenue producing, risk-sharing arrangement with Department of State Hospital-Napa to provide comprehensive medical care to residents of that psychiatric facility.
  • Developed a robust budgeting and reporting system to allow department managers to have greater visibility and control of expenses.
  • Leadership role in developing a strategic affiliation with Marin General Hospital that leveraged strategic opportunities and combined operational resources.
  • Broadened relationship with Prima Medical Foundation to bring key physicians and surgeons to the community.

Also, managed complexities of parcel tax revenue and General Obligation bond proceeds for construction of new wing (right). Served as management representative to the Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee and the Finance Committee. A real challenge was to address these financial and growth opportunities while supporting the organization's drive to a values-based culture that focused on quality and satisfaction.

Results: SVH has experienced a return to profitability, financial stability and enjoys strong community support.

Identity Management Services Organization

The Corona Consulting LLC team served as interim CFO for this start-up MSO. The MSO was designed to provide all management services to the newly formed Identity Medical Group in Ventura County. In this capacity, we accomplished the following:

  • Developed robust budget, financial portions of business plan, and flexible financial projections
  • Leadership role in employing new physicians and transitioning them from private practice to the medical group
  • Key role in obtaining start-up financing and formation of a strategic partnership with a major health system
  • Developed financial reporting systems, provided monthly board report, served on Finance Committee, developed each key financial system for start-up to operations.

Cardiovascular Medicine and Coronary Interventions Medical Group (CMCI, Inc)

The Situation
CMCI is an internationally recognized leader in interventional cardiology. The founder of the group, John Simpson, MD Ph.D., has received the Andreas Gruntzig Award from the European Cardiology Society for key developments in the invention of angioplasty and the Lifetime Achievement Award from TCT for development of rotational atherectomy and percutaneous wound closure devices.

Yet, despite the notoriety and remarkable clinical acumen for this cardiology group, the managed care wars of California have reduced reimbursement to dangerous levels and reduced the ability of referring cardiologists and PCPs to make referrals to this stellar group.

Corona Consulting solutions:
  • Over a two year period, developed and implemented a comprehensive practice improvement plan
  • Developed general marketing material and direct mail program to referring physicians to increase referrals
  • Reviewed and renegotiated key managed care contracts and relationships
  • Developed strategic alliance with Stanford University Medical Center
  • Opened new office at Stanford, developing new patients and sources
  • Developed live-demonstration program with Stanford to spotlight key intervention techniques
  • Revised key managed care contracts

CIGNA Health Plan

The Situation
CIGNA wished to expand its provider network in Northern California to offer a premier PPO product that would match their excellent HMO product. The network development staff at CIGNA was busy improving and expanding the HMO network. Corona Consulting LLC was engaged to expand the complementary PPO provider network, especially in rural areas.

Results that work
In the short course of six months, Corona Consulting LLC worked in coordination with CIGNA to expand the delivery network for the Northern California region. Documents were prepared, physicians and hospitals were targeted for contracting. Fifteen new hospitals were added to the network and over 2000 physicians were placed under contract. When added to CIGNA existing PPO network, these strategic additions based on market demand created one of the strongest PPO networks in Northern California.

California Oncology of the Central Valley, Fresno, California

Corona Consulting LLC assisted this leading oncology practice with:

  • Physician recruitment
  • Managed care contracting
  • Revenue recovery
  • Web site development (the web site developed by Corona Consulting LLC with Scott design won a prestigious national Horizon Interactive Award)
  • Joint venture to develop Radiation Oncology center with Kaiser Permanente and US Cancer Management

FSC Health Inc.

FSC Health, Inc. is a leader in the development and management of surgical specialty hospitals and ambulatory centers. Corona Consulting LLC served as the exclusive contracting agent for FSC Health, Inc. and negotiated all contracts with insurance companies and payors. These services were central to the sale and enhanced valuation of each facility owned by FSC Health Inc.